Please look at our list of Frequently Asked Questions and see if we’ve got your anwer, ready and waiting for you.

1. Masonry Heaters
1.1 What is a masonry heater?
1.2  How much does it cost?
1.3 How long does it take to install a masonry heater?
1.4 How long will it last?
1.5 How often will it need to be cleaned?
1.6 The EPA?
2. Wood Fired Kitchen
2.1 Why cook with wood?
2.2 How much does it cost?
2.3 How long does it take to install a bake oven?  A cookstove?
2.4 Can I use one of these in a restaurant or eatery?
2.5 Regulatory restrictions?
2.6 How often do you need to clean or perform other maintainance?
2.7 Wood Fired Cooking resources?
3. Consulting
3.1. What kinds of masonry projects do you consult for?
3.2 What are your consulting fees/charges?
3.3 Do you work with our local masons and builders, or do you require specific contractors to carry out your plans?
4. Other Questions
4.1 How did you become interested in masonry heaters and wood fired kitchens?
4.2 Do you do historical restoration and reconstruction?
4.3 Do you ever install traditional fireplaces or woodstoves?
4.4 I’d love to have a masonry heater, but I can’t afford it all at once.  What are my options?
4.5 Can I build my own masonry heater, cookstove, or bake oven?