Envirotech/Empire Masonry Heaters

Birthed out of Envirotech, Empire Masonry Heaters, bake ovens and cook stoves are simple and customizable to best fit any home and any work place! These heating and cooking sources are made here in the USA, and are designed to be affordable and easy to assemble. There are several cores to choose from that will meet daily needs. After choosing a core, a great selection of veneers can be used to further personalize your heater.

A veneer is the face stone that people will be able to see and enjoy visually. Different veneers create different heating characteristics. Adding more mass to the heater allows the heat to be held and released for longer periods of time.  veneers are offered in finished materials such as soapstone and granite. Other materials can serve as a backing for thin veneers such as tile, thin stone, or plaster. the backing material is the same proprietary refractory used in the cores to provide optimal heat storage and transmission.

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